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Customer Service Practitioner

Level 2

Providing customers with high-quality goods and services is the responsibility of a customer service practitioner. Your main duty will be to give consumers a high-quality service, whether it be in-person, over the internet, or by visiting them in their own neighbourhood. These interactions can be one-time or ongoing, and they can involve processing orders, collecting payments, giving counsel, support, and meet-and-greets; selling; resolving issues; providing after-care; recovering services; or acquiring knowledge by gauging client satisfaction. Working in any industry or type of organisation, you might be the first point of contact.

Your actions will have an impact on how customers feel about your business and how satisfied they are with it. When delivering to your consumers, you will exhibit great customer service abilities, behaviours, and knowledge of the product and/or service. You deliver services in accordance with the company's customer service standards and strategy as well as the necessary legal obligations. Your interactions with customers may take place over a variety of channels, such as the phone, mail, email, text, and social media.

Image by Charanjeet Dhiman
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