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Early Years Practitioner

Level 2

Early Years Educators, along with other highly qualified professionals in positions like nursery nurses and childminders, play a crucial role in ensuring that young children learn and develop effectively and are kept healthy and safe. They have jobs in a variety of places, such as full-time daycare, kids' centres, preschools, reception courses, and as childminders. To fulfil the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) requirements set by the Government for the learning, development, and care of children from birth to five years old, they may work alone or supervise others.Under the direction and supervision of an Early Years Educator, teacher, or other appropriately qualified professional in the Early Years Workforce, an EYP works as a member of a professional team to ensure the welfare and care of children. 
A person in this career regularly interacts with parents, kids, coworkers, and other professionals from various agencies, including social workers, health visitors, and speech and language therapists. To guarantee that they are qualified to work with children, individuals will go through all the required EYFS checks. It is not envisaged that the post will have any budgeting or leadership obligations due to the nature and amount of responsibility.

Image by Adam Winger
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