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Multi-channel Marketer

Level 3

Every sector and industry, including manufacturing, retail, IT, automotive, and the service sectors (financial services, health care, professional services, etc.), as well as large, medium-sized, and small businesses, as well as the public sector and not-for-profit organisations, employ people in this occupation. Roles can be found in a particular company or agency that offers marketing products and guidance to external clients, or in an internal marketing team that conducts marketing activities to support a company's operations. 
The overall goal of the job is to assist customer-focused marketing initiatives that increase demand for a good or service by fostering positive awareness and/or perceptions in order to increase profits.
The marketing assistant will assist in putting the marketing strategy and plans into action as a member of the marketing team. They will be in charge of carrying out daily marketing operations across a variety of platforms, channels, and systems that are crucial to the business's marketing function and operations. 
Many marketing professionals that advance in their careers to more senior marketing positions generally start out in this capacity. An employee in this profession works every day with a variety of internal coworkers and external marketing vendors.This may involve teamwork with colleagues from sales, operations, PR, IT, the customer insight team, and finance, as well as interaction with clients/customers and suppliers like printers, digital agencies, PR and media agencies, event display companies, market research agencies, and media sales professionals. It also depends on the size and structure of the organisation.

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