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Marketing Executive

Level 4

All businesses depend on marketing because it gives them the knowledge they need to create and provide new goods and services that will satisfy shifting consumer demands. To engage with a variety of target groups, it is the process of researching, developing, promoting, and distributing products or services through efficient channels. Most businesses and sectors have jobs in marketing, and these positions can be found in either an external marketing team that advises and delivers marketing deliverables to customers or an internal marketing team that executes marketing activities to support a company's operations. To supply specialised components of their marketing campaigns, marketing teams typically collaborate with other companies.

Working alongside the marketing manager, who will set the overall marketing strategy, a marketing executive will help shape, support, and deliver marketing strategies. These professionals are in charge of organising and carrying out tactical and targeted marketing activity, which is a very audience-focused position that calls for creativity, communication, and project management skills.

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