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Sales Executive

Level 4

A sales executive is a salesperson who works in the business-to-business or business-to-consumer sectors and is in charge of promoting a particular product or service. They organise their sales operations, take the helm during the entire customer encounter and oversee internal sales management within their company. They are in charge of maintaining and expanding a number of current customer accounts as well as generating new business by reaching out to potential clients, screening opportunities, and bringing the sales process to a mutually satisfactory conclusion. For each sale, a sales executive typically works with a single point of contact and presents a value offer that has been carefully thought out. A single customer "conversation" or a series of encounters with customers may be necessary to complete the entire sales process.

A sales executive is an expert at analysing customer demands and developing solutions by choosing the suitable product(s) or service(s), matching their features and benefits to the customer's requirements. They have a thorough understanding of their company's product(s) or service(s). A sales executive will cultivate client relationships by forging connections, fostering trust and confidence in their abilities and those of their company, and ensuring a positive customer experience. They will do this by showcasing their in-depth product knowledge, competitive awareness, and market understanding.

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