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Teaching Assistant

Level 3

Teaching assistants work with students of all ages, including those with specific educational needs and emotional vulnerabilities, in primary, special, and secondary education. The major responsibility of the teaching assistant is to assist the class teacher in enhancing students' learning, whether in small groups or individually, by ensuring that students comprehend the assignments, are aware of their learning goals, and maintain focus in order to advance. Promoting self-belief, social inclusion, and high self-esteem is crucial to students' wellbeing because it ensures that they can flourish in a supportive, loving atmosphere. Assisting the learner in accessing the curriculum is an active role. They participate in team meetings, set a good example by acting with integrity and honesty, and they plan and help with class activities. promoting core British values in a spiritual, moral, andsocial and cultural development and positive behaviours are crucial in contributing to improved pupil progress and development.

Image by Jerry Wang
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